Republicans Could Spark A Third Intifada With Jerusalem Bill

January 4, 2017

Republicans challenge the legal status of Jerusalem Three Republican senators risk sparking a third Intifada, or violent uprising by Palestinians against…

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After UN Calls Foul Play On Israel, Natanyahu Threatens To Take His Ball And Stomp Back Home

December 25, 2016

Israel is ready to back out from UN in revenge for resolution After the United Nations adopted the latest resolution…

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Trump Just Undermined Obama’s Last Ditch Push For Mideast Peace – And Things Quickly Got Ugly

December 23, 2016

Trump undermines obama administration at behest of israel In an unprecedented move that flies in the face of traditional decorum…

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Jimmy Carter’s Plea To President Obama

November 30, 2016

Former President Carter asked Obama to take a big step in the Middle East Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has…

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Obama Administration Slams Netanyahu Over Broken West Bank Promise

October 6, 2016

White House Says Netanyahu is undermining peace elations between Washington and Tel Aviv are far from endangered, but this Wednesday the White…

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Paris Peace Conference Is Right Around The Corner, But Has The U.S. Already Given Up On Global Peace

June 3, 2016

The U.S. seems to be losing hope on the Paris peace talks A total of 28 delegations have confirmed their participation…

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Obama Keeps Wary Eye On Israel’s Reckless Slide Into Dangerous Right Wing Extremism

May 27, 2016

The White House is still uncertain about Israel’s new government he United States has recently expressed its doubts over Israel’s…

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Bernie Sanders Bold Comments On Palestine Are Historic — Here’s Why

April 16, 2016

Sanders just made history by Speaking Up For the Palestinian cause Last Thursday’s Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was…

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UN Women’s Rights Commission Piles Condemnations On Israel

March 29, 2016

UN Commission declares Israel the world’s top human rights violator The UN, backed by European and Arab countries plus Russia, has…

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Trump Swears Eternal Love To Israel, But Israelis Just Aren’t That Into Him

March 23, 2016

Trump’s love for Israel remains unrequited Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, has vowed eternal love and support to Israel if…

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From Mexico City, Carolina has lived in five different countries, experiences she defines as the most enriching. She has focused her studies and work on international conflicts and international security issues, diplomacy and protocol. Carolina holds two MA degrees and hopes to begin her PhD studies soon.