Vile Trump Tape Leak Sends Mike Pence Fleeing Reporters (VIDEO)

October 8, 2016

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence couldn’t get away fast enough from reporters who were trying to question him about…

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The Donald Scrambles To Bury His Video Testimony In Trump U Scam Case – What’s He Hiding?

July 13, 2016

Trump U Continues To Haunt Donald’s Campaign Trump U is the gift that keeps on giving — if you’re a…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates Trump’s Judge BS, Calls Curiel ‘An American Hero’

June 7, 2016

Terminator Heaps High Praise On Judge in Trump University Case. That’s Why He Appointed Him. Another Republican has bashed Donald…

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Donald Trump Continues To Unravel, Barking At Surrogates And Calling His Staff Stupid

June 7, 2016

DONALD TRUMP: I’ve always won and I’m going to continue to win. And that’s the way it is. The warning…

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6 Reasons Trump Could Implode Spectacularly Long Before November 8th

June 6, 2016

Donald Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination by running one of the most aggressive outsider campaigns in American history. This…

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Trump Spokeswoman Defends Trump’s ‘Mexican’ Judge Comment In Unhinged Rant (VIDEO)

May 31, 2016

Spokeswoman Likens Trump University (Disclaimer: Not a Real University) To Harvard Last week, Donald Trump called the East Chicago, Indiana-born…

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