Trump Ally Farage BUSTED at Secret Meeting with Wikileaks’ Assange, White House Won’t Comment

March 9, 2017

Trump, Farage, Mercer, And Assange Sittin’ in a Tree? Donald Trump’s mate Nigel Farage visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London,…

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BUSTED: Russians Celebrated Trump’s ‘Victory’ – Proof The Election Was Rigged?

January 5, 2017

Trump takes on Intelligence The heads of several Intelligence agencies testified before Congress today to deliver their report on election…

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Trump’s Plans For Intelligence Community Play Right Into Putin’s Hands, Despite Denials

January 5, 2017

For several months Donald Trump has bitterly criticized the United States intelligence agencies. He has accused them of politicizing intelligence…

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Speaker Ryan Slams ‘Sycophant for Russia’ Assange — But Palin Apologizes To Him

January 4, 2017

Paul Ryan And Tom Cotton Warn On Julian Assange While Sarah Palin Says She’s Sorry Prominent Republicans came out both…

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Pussy Riot EXPOSES Wikileaks / Russia / Trump Cabal In Game Changing Interview And Video

October 30, 2016

WikiLeaks began as a disrupter force in the battle for government transparency. They heralded a movement that professed freedom of…

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Meet The Guy Who’s Trolling Donald Trump Supporters With Ridiculously Fake Wikileaks Emails

October 17, 2016

Fake Mail Makes The Rounds. You’ve seen them on Facebook, the posts discussing leaked emails from the Hillary campaign, all…

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Wikileaks Claim Upcoming Leak Will Be Enough To Get Hillary Clinton Indicted

June 13, 2016

Upcoming Leak Will Be Enough To Get Hillary Clinton Indicted, According To Assange Now that Hillary Clinton has been named…

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It’s WAR: WikiLeaks Accuses Panama Papers Journalists Of Being Funded By Private Interests

April 7, 2016

WikiLeaks Criticizes Handling Of Panama Papers Leak The Panama Papers are the biggest data leak in history, but not everyone agrees…

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UN Tells UK And Sweden To Free WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange (VIDEO)

February 5, 2016

Founder of WikiLeaks being held without charge The freedom of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is still an open question, but today he…

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