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‘Like Taking a Bazooka to a Fly’: Voter ‘Fraud’ Crusader’s Deceit Exposed in Red State Trial

March 21, 2018

Voters in Kansas have been saved Voter fraud is a serious issue that is very far from being a serious problem in the United States. Yet if someone is a Republican voter, they are probably under the impression that close…

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Expert Warns Trump’s Voter Information Grab Is Illegal for a Very Surprising Reason

July 5, 2017

States continue to refuse cooperation A ginned up commission to investigate Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ accusations may be soliciting states for voter information illegally. According to The Hill, a 1980 law called The Paperwork Reduction Act requires such queries to first allow…

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Japanese-American Lawmakers Rip Trump Spokesman For Supporting Muslim Registry (VIDEO, TWEETS)

November 18, 2016

Trump supporter’s request hits close to home for many Japanese-American legislators Several Japanese-American members of Congress have called upon Donald Trump to denounce one of his supporters who suggested that the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II sets a…

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Plans To Ramp Up Muslim Registry Are Well Underway For Trump Transition’s Immigration Team

November 16, 2016

A Possible Attorney General Nominee Has Drafted Plans To Reinstate A Controversial Registry For those wearing rose-colored glasses, assuming that President-elect Donald Trump would pivot away from his nasty, vitriolic and hateful campaign rhetoric and govern more like the consensus…

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While Obama Was Eulogizing Slain Cops, GOP Pushes This Horrible NRA Demand For Party Platform

July 12, 2016

Republicans Want Bigger Gun Magazines In Their Platform After Vicious Attack On Dallas Police At the same time the country was mourning the tragedy in Dallas with President Obama delivering another moving speech after yet another mass shooting, Republicans in…

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