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Another Vile Report of Trump Bragging About ‘P*ssy’ Surfaces

November 30, 2017

Remarks Were Cut From a Maxim Golf Interview Despite his recent attempts to walk back his admission that the Access Hollywood tape was authentic, Donald Trump is the reason an utterly deplorable observation is permanently etched into American presidential history: And I moved on her…

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In House Of Cards Season 4 It’s Underwood Versus Underwood (Trailer)

February 11, 2016

“There goes my first weekend of March!” Netflix’s amazing series House Of Cards is an Americanized remake of the BBC show of the same name which is also fabulous. To sum up the show, let’s just say it’s like “The…

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The Golden Globes: Honoring The *Men* of Hollywood

January 12, 2015

Even as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s overall hosting of the Golden Globe Awards was worthy of a collective meh, their opening monologue was a standout. Fey and Poehler took swipes at the Sony Hack, the self-important Hollywood elite, North…

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