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Watch John Oliver Call ‘Turbo Bullshit’ on Trump’s Comey Excuse & Spineless GOP Caucus

May 15, 2017

John Oliver ripped Donald Trump apart with delicious humor over his firing of FBI Director James Comey and the disturbing and seemingly threatening tweets that hinted at the release of secret recordings between the president and Comey. Oliver has Trump’s…

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John Oliver Figured Out How To Get Some Facts To Trump – And It’s F**king Hysterical (VIDEO)

February 13, 2017

The new season of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight began Sunday night. The program has been on hiatus for several weeks during which Oliver missed some of the most pungent opportunities to skewer Donald Trump and his new administration. But…

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REMINDER From John Oliver: Fix Sh*tty Presidential Primary System Today

February 2, 2017

If You Didn’t Like Presidential Primary, Today Is The Day For Collective Action Groundhog Day is here and it’s time for a reminder about one of the many headaches of 2016. Our presidential primary system is problematic, to put it…

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Watch: John Oliver Offers Donald Trump His Emmy If He’ll Accept Defeat Graciously

October 24, 2016

Donald Trump Can Finally Get That Emmy He Always Wanted, Courtesy Of John Oliver John Oliver has a hilarious proposal for Republican standard bearer Donald Trump that just might save and heal the country after this messy and divisive election.…

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John Oliver CRUCIFIES Trump’s ‘Sniffles And Nonsense’ Debate Performance (VIDEO)

October 4, 2016

John Oliver’s brutal wit smacked trump upside the head It took almost a week, but John Oliver finally got to weigh in on the first presidential debate. And HBO’s Last Week Tonight comedic host didn’t miss the opportunity to tear into…

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John Oliver Hysterically Explains Why Trump’s Scandals Are ‘Quantifiably Worse’ Than Clinton’s

September 26, 2016

Debate night is finally here and America is settling in for the election’s biggest spectacle to date. However, there’s one thing the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won’t settle. That is the media’s shameful neglect of substantive, contextual…

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John Oliver Skewers Trump, Brexit In Profanity-Laced Tirade

June 27, 2016

As his home country shoots itself in the foot with the Brexit, John Oliver warns his adopted nation against doing the same with Trump   Since stepping out of Jon Stewart’s shadow, John Oliver’s weekly HBO show has become the…

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John Oliver Has An Epic Plan To Beat The NRA At Their Own Game (VIDEO)

June 20, 2016

Last Week Tonight Host Reveals NRA’s Tactics, Calls For Their Use In Pushing Gun Reform It’s no secret that the National Rifle Association plays a dauntingly large role in politics. But gun control advocates could break that stranglehold using the…

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WATCH: John Oliver Shatters Oprah’s TV Freebie Record And Helps Free Thousands From Debt Vultures

June 6, 2016

John Oliver’s Fake News Makes Real News Once again, America’s fake news programs are proving to be more beneficial to the nation than their allegedly “real” counterparts. This weekend John Oliver delivered another of his unique, long-form routines that addressed…

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John Oliver Visits Sesame Street To Sing About Flint Lead Poisoning Crisis (VIDEO)

April 18, 2016

John Oliver’s Done It Again, This Time With Help From The Cast Of Sesame Street By now, we are all aware of how terrible the lead situation in Flint, Michigan is. We know that there are miles and miles of pipeline…

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