Fox News Fires Shot In War On Christmas, Gets Hilariously Carpet Bombed By Twitter (TWEETS)

December 2, 2016

Fox News Happily Tweets Donald Trump Taking On War On Christmas, But It Didn’t Go As Planned Thanksgiving is over…

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My Top 12 Male Crushes For 2015: One For Each Day Of Christmas (VIDEOS)

December 24, 2015

If Santa could bring you a man for each day of Christmas, who would you choose? Christmas, a time for…

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The Night Before Trumpmas: A Christmas Poem

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Reverb Press! Everyone knows the Night Before Christmas poem. It’s…

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Georgia Sheriff Posts ‘Politically Incorrect’ Welcome Sign Because Freedumb (VIDEO)

November 25, 2015

Nothing like a ‘politically incorrect’ welcome sign to make people feel unwelcome. On Tuesday, Georgia’s Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley…

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Starbucks Wages War Against Christians (Satire)

November 9, 2015

A satirical take on the Starbucks Red Cup CONtroversy ginned up by CONservatives… Starbucks should be ashamed for their decision…

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Quiana Fulton is a political writer, and she has a bachelor in political science from American Military University. She's not jaded by polarization but absolutely has no time for people who refuse to partake in preserving and strengthening Democracy. She's a staunch liberal that is capable of being friends with conservatives and is always down for a good debate. She's a pro-life Dem (and yes, they exist).