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Trump Administration: Separate Mothers From Their Children At Mexican Border

March 4, 2017

Trump considering heinous measures for the border ccording to Reuters, the Trump Administration is considering an appalling measure to deter illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. It’s a policy the world has been seen before; in concentration camps, Israeli checkpoints, war-torn countries,…

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Trump’s “Profiling” Is A Great Idea – Let’s Start With White Right-Wing Christian Zealots (VIDEO)

June 21, 2016

On Monday, CNN contributor Van Jones decided to set Donald Trump straight after the presumptive Republican presidential nominee claimed profiling Muslims may be one way to stop mass shootings like the one that claimed 49 lives in Orlando, Florida. To do that, you’d…

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The Average American Is Far More Dangerous Than A Refugee

November 26, 2015

Since the DAESH attacks in Paris, American conservatives have whipped their spittle into a frothy lather over fear of refugees. Under the “logic” that refugees come from Syria, and Syria is bad, therefore, refugees are bad, Republicans seek to upend…

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