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Ultra-Prude Mike Pence Narc’d Out His Entire Frat House For Throwing A Kegger

December 6, 2017

A revealing — if not surprising — profile in The Atlantic exposes that bible-thumping Republican Vice President Mike Pence was a…

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Read Former President Obama’s Statement on Trump’s ‘Self-Defeating’, ‘Cruel’ DACA Decision

September 5, 2017

Former President Obama has, as expected, released a statement on President Trump’s decision on DACA. Here is the full statement.…

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Reformed Conservative Christian Shreds The Corporate Rape-Culture of Fox News (VIDEO)

April 21, 2017

Former conservative Christian Frank Schaeffer is denouncing conservatives for fostering and enabling the toxic culture of sexual harassment that pervades…

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In ‘Joy Of Love’ Manifesto Pope Francis Calls For ‘Mercy’ For Gays, Divorced

April 8, 2016

Pope Francis urges Faithful To Accept Non-Traditional family structures Pope Francis has released this Friday a 256-page document  –“The Joy of…

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Robert Reich Shuts Down Republicans Over Their Obsession With Private Morality (VIDEO)

February 25, 2016

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Ever wonder why Republicans are…

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Vengeful God, Spiteful Kids: How Religion Encourages Antisocial Behavior In Children

November 7, 2015

Does religion encourage morality? According to Pew Research Data, a majority of the world believes that religion is a necessary…

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Pope Francis Condemns Capitalism As ‘The Dung Of The Devil’

July 12, 2015

Pope Francis is agitating among the poor in the south. No, not the United States’ South. Further south. The pope’s…

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The U.S. Is Becoming More Pro-Choice, With Women Leading The Charge

June 2, 2015

After years of women taking a pounding at the hands of the far right, the pendulum is swinging back on…

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