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No, This Hate Crime Didn’t Happen, But Many More Took Its Place

December 15, 2016

Young Muslim Woman Forced To SHave Her Head Did a repressive home life nudge Yasmin Seweid into filing a false report? young Muslim woman who claimed she had her hijab ripped off by three white men has been forced by…

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Pope Francis Has A Powerful Message For Those Who Fear Immigrants And Refugees (VIDEO)

November 20, 2016

Pope Francis is voicing concerns over the uptick in anti-immigrant bigotry in Europe and elsewhere. This is harming the weakest in society, he noted during a ceremony on Saturday, adding there is an “epidemic of animosity” against people of other…

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TRUMP TERROR: This Horrible Crime Statistic SKYROCKETS In Wake Of Trump Victory (VIDEO)

November 16, 2016

It’s been just over one week since Donald Trump’s election, and in that time more than 400 incidents involving harassment or intimidation have occurred, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday. Trump supporters get their hate on More than…

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Emotional Khizr Khan Asks Trump If Gold Star Son Would Have A Place In His America (VIDEO)

October 21, 2016

The Clinton campaign released a poignant video today featuring Khizr Khan. You may remember him as the father of Humayun Khan, a US soldier who died saving members of his battalion from a suicide bomb attack in 2004 while stationed…

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Could Trump Ban Muslims? Thanks To This 1940’s Law, Yes He Can

October 17, 2016

Smith Act To Muslim Bans — Trump’s Most Dangerous Idea. Current topics lately are centered around Trump’s misogynistic comments from years past. But as horrifying as they are, they remain pale compared to what he has uttered on the campaign…

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Trump Nut: Bigotry Is Obama’s Fault, So Unless We Get A White Male President, It Means War (VIDEO)

September 27, 2016

This might seem like irony, but Trump believers don’t do irony This Trump supporting Georgia man’s family was allegedly attacked by a burka-garbed Muslim woman who came out of the forest in apparently a really bad mood. In a situation…

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Trump Tells Grieving Dad He’s Made Lots Of ‘Sacrifices’; Promptly Gets Destroyed By Twitter (VIDEO, TWEETS)

July 30, 2016

When a grieving father who lost his son in the Iraq war reminded Donald Trump that he’d “sacrificed nothing” for his country, of course Trump just had to do it in his usual fashion of being offensive and clueless all…

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This Islamic Country Just Took A HUGE Leap Forward On LGBT Rights (VIDEO)

June 29, 2016

Pakistan has taken a huge step forward in LGBT rights A group of Pakistani clerics have declared that marriage between transgender people is allowed under Islam, a step for the LGBT community that rivals or indeed outpaces the progress made in…

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Extremist Catholic Whackjob Has Hate Fueled Meltdown After Pope Shows Christian Mercy (VIDEO)

June 29, 2016

Pope Francis is well-known for his benevolence towards the poor, his railings against the one percent, his acceptance of atheists, and his kindness towards gay people. He recently said Christians should apologize to people in the LGBT community if they have offended…

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Another Good Guy With A Gun Threatens Muslims At Mosque In NC (VIDEO)

June 12, 2016

“He told me to go back to my country. I said, ‘Which country do you want me to go to? Give me the ticket and I will fly.’ He said, ‘No I will not give you a ticket. I will…

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