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Harvard Psychiatrist’s Urgent ‘Duty to Warn:’ Donald Trump ‘Very Sick,’ a ‘Sociopath’

September 12, 2017

Harvard Psychiatrist Lance Dodes Paints Scary Picture Of Republican Donald Trump To the surprise of few observers, mental health professionals have been sounding the alarm on Republican Donald Trump for a long time. Even during the campaign last year, psychologists…

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Thou Shalt Not? Trump Signs Declaration for Day of Prayer – And Breaks the 9th Commandment

September 1, 2017

For the past week there has been an embarrassing parade of self-congratulatory spectacles staged by Donald Trump. The devastation caused in Texas and Louisiana by Hurricane Harvey has created abundant opportunities for Trump to exalt himself. That exaltation comes in…

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Bernie Sanders EVISCERATES Donald Trump: He’s A ‘Pathological Liar’ (VIDEO)

December 21, 2015

Bernie Sanders on Donald Trump: “I think you have a pathological liar there.” During Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, Bernie Sanders told George Stephanopoulos what he really thinks about Donald Trump: “I think you have a pathological liar there.” That thunderous sound you…

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