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The Pope Epically Trolled Trump’s Cowardice with this Incredible Gift

May 24, 2017

Trump Gets Pope-Slapped Donald Trump visited the Vatican, Thursday. His audience with Pope Francis was visibly awkward, as the Pope,…

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China Finally Releases Images From Lunar Mission, And They’re Breathtaking (PHOTOS)

February 3, 2016

China’s Lunar Lander Chang’e-3 and “Jade Rabbit” Rover Are quite the photographers… Armstrong must be nostalgic In July of 1969,…

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Rupert Murdoch Takes Over National Geographic, Then Lays Off Award-Winning Staff

November 3, 2015

Murdoch’s got plans for National Geographic. The memo went out, and November 3rd 2015 came to the National Geographic office.…

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National Geographic Absorbed Into Fox; Rupert Murdoch Will Ruin It In 3… 2…

September 10, 2015

I was crouched down in the dirt, my camera poised for action. The brush was poking into my cheek, but…

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