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Dan Rather Annihilates Donald Trump in Brilliant Interview with Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

April 15, 2017

Dan Rather Continues To Cut Trump Down To Size Two powerhouses came together for an interview on Friday, when Dan Rather visited Rachel Maddow on her show. Rather and Maddow have both emerged as important voices in the resistance against…

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Dan Rather Takes On White House Media Ban: ‘The Reckoning Has Come’ (VIDEO)

February 25, 2017

Dan Rather Confronts White House Press Ban Dan Rather has become a strong, eloquent voice of reason in what seems like a very unreasonable time. His tireless defense of democracy, and his frequent reminders to America to not normalize this…

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Dan Rather To Steve Bannon: No, We Won’t Shut Up, So Answer The Damned Questions! (VIDEO)

February 3, 2017

Dan Rather Is A Man For These Times Since former reality star Donald Trump took residence in the White House, Dan Rather has been on fire. Almost every day, something he writes goes viral. With passionate reason, eloquence and broad…

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