Publisher Pulls Book By Trump’s National Security Nominee Due To Plagiarism

January 11, 2017

The Trump Team Unravels Last week reports surfaced alleging that Monica Crowley had plagiarized significant parts of her 2012 book,…

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Rupert Murdoch Apologizes After Suggesting Obama Isn’t ‘A Real Black President’

October 8, 2015

Rupert Murdoch publicly apologized today to President Barack Obama and his supporters for claiming he isn’t a “real black President.” And…

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Fox News Racism To Be Focus Of “Die In” Protest

December 27, 2014

Fox News is about to see some of the hate they’ve been spewing turned back on them. On January 2nd,…

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A lifelong politics junkie with particular interests in privatization and other business and labor issues, like minimum wage and immigration. Robert Rowen is also a writer of fiction. His first novel is called A Connecticut Yankees Fan ...in King Arthur's Court He has also published a collection of Short stories called Red Scare ...and Other Stories Both are available on Amazon.com