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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Muslim Who Notified FBI about Omar Mateen Reflects on Pulse Anniversary

June 12, 2017

“My heart goes out to these people that are suffering” Mohammed Malik knew Pulse gunman Omar Mateen as a quiet, reserved individual who attended the same mosque ,knew the same people and  listened to the same faith teachings. He texted…

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SHAMELESS: Trump Blames Everyone Except The NRA For Orlando Massacre (VIDEO)

June 14, 2016

The bodies of the dead are barely cold Donald Trump is the worst thing for American democracy since George Wallace, Japanese internment, or slavery of black people and the indigenous.  hile President Obama and the world mourned the lives lost in Orlando after…

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Omar Mateen Regularly Attended Pulse And Had A Profile On Gay Dating App

June 13, 2016

Omar Mateen Regularly Attended Pulse And Had A Profile On Gay Dating App The motives of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen are becoming less clear as witnesses describe a man who loved to party. s the minutes, hours and days quickly pass,…

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