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Thanks To Facebook, Dallas Shooter Bought AK-47 In 15 Minutes

July 16, 2016

The man who killed five police officers in Dallas purchased an AK-47 through Facebook and some are questioning the ease with which he bought the weapon. It took Micah Johnson 15 minutes to purchase a $600 AK-47 assault rifle in 2014.…

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EPA To Alabama’s Pregnant Women: Don’t Drink The Water

May 23, 2016

The next Flint? EPA warns pregnant women to avoid drinking Alabama’s water health advisory has been issued by the EPA for eight water systems in Alabama that contain two cancer-causing, man-made chemicals, according to the agency and the Alabama Department…

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The Fighter Vs. The Movement: Hillary’s And Bernie’s Latest Ads Define Campaign Themes

June 12, 2015

The two major 2016 Democratic Presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, released new campaign ads this week. Clinton’s ad “Fighter” and Sanders’s ad “We Need a Mass Political Movement” can both be seen as an early effort to define…

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An Open Letter to the Iranian People

March 15, 2015

Dear People of Iran, The American and Iranian governments are negotiating to monitor nuclear development in Iran, in exchange for lifting sanctions, which will reduce the threat of war. I want you to know that I, a taxpaying, voting, American…

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