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BOMBSHELL: Facebook Fake News “Fact-Checker” is Dubious, Highly Biased Conservative Site

December 9, 2017

In the era of fake news, the worlds largest social media platform, Facebook, has a responsibility to ensure that the content that gets presented as fact on the site has some actual legitimacy. And now, in a disturbing new report,…

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Exclusive: We Speak with Foster Mom Whose Emotional Message Went Viral

April 21, 2017

Challenges Foster Youth Face Teens entering foster care are often escaping terrible living situations. Youth entering the foster system often have to experience a range of mental and/or physical abuse which leave them with trauma and other unique challenges, especially…

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Like Father, Like Daughter: Ivanka Trump Stiffs DC Hotel Contractors To The Tune Of $5 Million

January 10, 2017

It was meant to “showcase” Ivanka Trump’s fondness for renovation, but what the Old Post Office Hotel showcased instead, was the Trump family’s bad habit of reneging on any contractual obligations, notes The Washington Post.  This Hotel Has Been Open…

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Alicia Machado Rebuts Trumps ‘Sex Tape’ Claim in Dignified Instagram Post

September 30, 2016

lmost twelve hours after being publicly attacked and humiliated by GOP nominee, Donald Trump in a 4 AM twitter meltdown, Alicia Machado has responded with a social media post of her own. And needless to say, it is a far more…

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Twitter Is Booting Thousands of ISIS Accounts—So Why Are White Supremacists Getting A Free Pass?

September 1, 2016

Twitter has recently suspended 235,000 accounts it says were connected to the “promotion of violence or terrorism on our platform.” In a blog post, the social media giant specifically focused on accounts connected with Islamic extremists, especially ISIS. To fight Islamic…

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Mayor Patrick Rushing Not Resigning After Using Racial Slurs

July 16, 2015

The mayor of a small town in Washington State is refusing to resign from his post, despite urging from the city council, after referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as a “gorilla” and President Barack Obama as a “monkey.” Patrick…

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