Trump Admits to FBI Investigation and Twitter Roasts Him For It

June 16, 2017

Donald Trump Makes Twitter Confession Donald Trump (accidentally?) admitted that he is under investigation by the FBI, via his favorite…

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BREAKING: Trump Moves to Suppress Ethics Probe into ‘Secret Waivers’ by Blocking Inquiry

May 22, 2017

Donald Trump Issues Secret Waivers to Circumvent Ethics Rules Donald Trump is never going to drain the swamp. That becomes…

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NYT Drops Comey Bombshell, Reveals What Former FBI Director Really Thinks About Trump

May 10, 2017

Former FBI Director James Comey Called Trump ‘Crazy’ The New York Times dropped a major James Comey bombshell on the…

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Obama Just Hit Trump Right Where it Hurts—He’s Not Going to Like This

April 28, 2017

Obama Takes A Jab At Trump Former President Barack Obama just hit current President Donald Trump right where it hurts…

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Top 5 WTF Moments From Trump’s New Interview With the Associated Press

April 24, 2017

President Donald Trump Sat Down With The AP Donald Trump sat down with Associated Press White House Correspondent Julie Pace…

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Former Obama Adviser Decimates Trump’s Paranoid Twitter Rant With Actual Facts

March 4, 2017

Donald Trump Gets Destroyed By Facts It didn’t take long for the paranoid Twitter rant spewed forth in the early…

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Melania Trump Openly Plans To Profit From Presidency By Cashing In Position As FLOTUS

February 7, 2017

Melania Trump Cashing In As FLOTUS There may be a reason why Melania Trump has yet to fulfill the more…

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If Someone Tells You The Immigration Ban ‘Isn’t About Muslims’, Show Them This Official Statement

January 31, 2017

Yes, The Muslim Ban Is Absolutely All About Banning Muslims Just when we think we’ve heard it all before from…

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Trump Breaks Another Campaign Promise, Plans First Vacation Just 2 Weeks Into Presidency

January 30, 2017

Trump Is Already Tired Being president is hard, and no one knows that better than current president Donald Trump. After…

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Twitter EXPLODES With Love For Outgoing President With RAW, Emotional ThankYouObama Tributes

November 16, 2016

In a week that has seen heated debate on various social media platforms following the election of Donald Trump as the…

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