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Experts, Mar-a-Lago visitors skeptical of White House claims about records

October 17, 2017

Last month, the Trump administration said it could not comply with a court order to disclose the names of people who met with the president at Mar-a-Lago in part because they do “not maintain any system for keeping track” of…

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Pence To Release ‘Quick Read’ Tax Returns Before Election (VIDEO)

August 14, 2016

While Donald Trump continues to hem and haw about releasing his taxes, Mike Pence, his running mate, says he plans to make them available to the public before the election. “When my forms are filed and when my tax returns are…

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Trump Is Always Bragging About Giving To Charity, But This Shocking Report Exposes The Truth

June 28, 2016

Trump Says He Gives Millions To Charity. Does He Really? Donald Trump loves to brag about how much he gives to charity. If he honored all his pledges to give to charity over the last 15 years, he would have…

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Wrong Again, Ted Cruz. The Majority Of Violent Criminals Are NOT Democrats (VIDEO)

December 26, 2015

“Here’s the simple and undeniable fact: The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.” — Ted Cruz No, Senator Ted Cruz, the majority of violent criminals are NOT Democrats. October, 2014: MSNBC reported that on Oct. 2, Rush Limbaugh reflected…

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7,000 Denied Due Process at Chicago Secret Detention Center

October 24, 2015

thousands sent to secret detention center in Chicago under Mayor Rahm Emanuel with little  contact with lawyers, only police interrogators. This happens in other countries. Secret renditions without due process, with even more secret interrogations, laced with intimidation and threats of…

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