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American Tourist Throws N*zi Salutes in Germany, Promptly Gets A** Kicked

August 13, 2017

Are we tired of winning yet? One American tourist wasn’t, but he might be now. American Tourist Throws Nazi Salutes in Germany, promptly got punched As the world watches on in horror and the horrible White Supremacist chaos continue to…

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FAIL! Trump Buffoonishly Tweets Faked Photo Of Black ‘Supporters” To Pretend He’s Not A Racist

June 6, 2016

According to Donald Trump, “The Blacks” Love Him… Donald Trump: ‘Black People Will Like Me More Than Obama.’ The past few days haven’t been kind to Donald Trump’s campaign. First, Clinton eviscerated him in a foreign policy speech and vehemently associated him with…

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How To Win Enmity: Racist Baltimore Tweets From Joe Walsh

April 29, 2015

Well, it has been a while since he got any attention. Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), last seen heaping sexist sleaze on a double-amputee war hero, treating his constituents to displays of anger management issues and claiming unemployment to get…

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