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MSNBC Hosts Forced To Cut Mic As GOP Congressman Has Pro-Russia Meltdown (VIDEO)

December 14, 2016

Things definitely went from calm to chaos when GOP California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher dove right into a pro-Russia rant that devolved further into a massive argument, with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski cutting off his mic. Pro-Russia Republican loses…

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Giuliani Can’t Seem To Remember 9/11, Claims Radical Islam ‘Started’ Under Obama (VIDEO)

August 15, 2016

For the second time now, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani tried to claim publicly the U.S. “didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack” in the eight years prior to Barack Obama’s presidency. Either 9/11 under George W.…

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ISIS Awash With American Firepower: Terrorists Are Taking U.S. Weapons To Arm Insurgents

June 30, 2016

ISIS in Iraq and Syria just got their hands on more U.S. weapons Are we sure ISIS is losing the fight? The recent Istanbul bombing seems to prove the opposite; and the fact that the terrorist group keeps getting its…

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Watch Teahadist GOP Gov. Rick Scott Weasel Out Of Key Gun Control Question

June 17, 2016

Watching CNN anchor Pamela Brown interview Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Friday was in some ways like watching a boxing match. He repeatedly dodged her questions about how easy it is to buy guns in Florida and instead said the…

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WATCH President Obama Humiliate ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Trolls And Take A Swipe Donald Trump

June 14, 2016

President Obama Fires Back President Obama gave an address today that covered the tragic events in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, as well as an update on the fight against terrorism. After offering condolences to the victims and their families, Obama…

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WTF? Donald Trump Actually Believes That ‘Islam Hates Us’

March 10, 2016

It is getting hard to keep track of the idiotic words that Donald Trump allows to emerge from his mouth. In his latest outrage against logic, historical awareness, and basic critical thinking, he decided to share his “thoughts” on Islam.…

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Terrorist Group Burns 86 Children Alive (VIDEO)

February 1, 2016

On Jan. 31, news reports emerged that the Nigerian-based terrorist group Boko Haram set Dalori village ablaze and burned eighty-six children alive. A resident told reporters the attack began just after evening prayers, and villagers fled into the bush. According to CNN: Gunmen riding motorcycles…

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While DAESH Inspires Fear Across The Globe, Boko Haram Murders 14 In Christmas Attack

December 27, 2015

While waxing hysterical over DAESH, we forgot about Boko Haram. On Christmas Day, the Islamic Extremist group primarily based in Nigeria, Boko Haram, killed at least fourteen people in a village of Northeastern Nigeria. The jihadists allegedly rode into town on…

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Why GOP And NRA Are On The Threshold Of Treason Following San Bernardino Shooting

December 3, 2015

We Already Know GOP And NRA Antics Are Arming Terrorists The Republicans and their NRA friends are hoping Americans are so full of Islamophobic hate that they’ll dare to pat them on the back and consider them vindicated by yesterday’s…

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