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Trump Fan Boy Alex Jones Freaks Out Over Jews Running An Evil Conspiracy (VIDEO)

October 27, 2016

Histrionics king and Donald Trump fan boy Alex Jones is at it again.  Does Alex Jones ever shut up? This time he’s screeching about the “Jewish mafia.” As one of America’s most infamous conspiracy theorists, he’s been accused of promoting…

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Ta-Nehisi Coates Destroys Hillary Clinton’s Racist Version Of US History

January 27, 2016

“Hillary Clinton, whether she knows it or not, is retelling a racist—though popular—version of American history which held sway in this country until relatively recently.”  — Ta-Nehisi Coates. During CNN’s Democratic Town Hall Forum on January 25, Presidential Candidate Hillary…

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Disgraced Lawyer Resigns Amid Accusations Of Hiding Evidence In Fatal Chicago Police Shooting

January 5, 2016

The Windy City has been dealing with the fallout of its police department and government administration since November, when a video was released showing the fatal Chicago police shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald by a white police officer. The video…

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7,000 Denied Due Process at Chicago Secret Detention Center

October 24, 2015

thousands sent to secret detention center in Chicago under Mayor Rahm Emanuel with little  contact with lawyers, only police interrogators. This happens in other countries. Secret renditions without due process, with even more secret interrogations, laced with intimidation and threats of…

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Rahm Emanuel To Chicago Teachers: To Get Your Pension Payment, 1,400 Of You Must Lose Your Jobs (VIDEO)

July 1, 2015

As Reverb Press reported June 12th, Chicago Public Schools are facing a municipal ‘fiscal cliff’ due to a $1.1 billion city budget gap including $634 million owed to the Chicago teachers’ pension fund. Chicago Public School teachers were asked to…

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Chicago Schools Are Under Attack! What Do We Do? STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!

June 12, 2015

Many politically active teachers around the country look to the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) as the leading example of what teacher’s unions and public sector unions generally should be: strident in rhetoric and militant in action, willing to take the powers…

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Three Of Tuesday’s Elections Could Flip Over The Status Quo

April 7, 2015

Tuesday’s elections don’t have the intense spotlight on them that occurs when the polls are open across the nation. But they should because the potential for change could utterly transform the political landscape for their voters. Keep an eye on these three:…

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