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Rachel Maddow Shares ‘Strange Scoop’ on Ominous ‘Fake News’ Scheme (VIDEO)

July 7, 2017

Rachel Maddow Believes The Media Is Under Attack Rachel Maddow shared what she referred to as a “strange scoop” during Thursday’s show. According to Maddow, she received what she believes is a “meticulously forged document,” which had been sent to…

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Republicans Frantically Twist Comey Testimony to Distance Themselves from Russia

June 8, 2017

Trump Lawyer Launches False Narrative about Russia’s involvement in the presidential election James Comey’s bombshell testimony today answered a lot of questions and posed some stark new ones as well. No sooner had Comey left the committee chambers than Trump’s personal…

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Michael Moore’s New ‘Trumpileaks’ Website for Whistleblowers is Sure to Make Trump’s Head Explode

June 6, 2017

‘Trumpileaks’ to be a secure clearing house for rogue Trump staffers   Outspoken movie man Michael Moore has made no qualms about his distaste for Donald Trump. His long history of progressive support has incited rage from the Right and…

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