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Right Wing ‘Alpha’ Smear Hoaxer Hilariously Trolled During Humiliating Q&A Fail

December 23, 2017

Mike Cernovich Took His Act To Reddit And The Questions Could Not Have Been Funnier Mike Cernovich might best be known to the average American as “the Internet figure most responsible for pushing Pizzagate into the discourse”. But there’s plenty…

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Nutjob Trump Fans Spawn Half Baked Photoshop Conspiracy Theory To Defend Perv Roy Moore

November 14, 2017

here is an old saying that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And in the age of photoshop, those words are often lies, something we should all be used to by now. But apparently the MAGA crowd didn’t…

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Major Mobile Carriers Playing Games with Net Neutrality – Here’s How to Beat Them

July 31, 2017

By Yonna Nasser, Major mobile carriers are slowing down video streams, a net neutrality violation that heralds things to come if they get their way and roll back legal protections against data discrimination. Recent reports on Reddit from Verizon Wireless…

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The True Meaning of ‘Covfefe’ and Why it Perfectly Sums Up the Trump Presidency

June 2, 2017

‘Covfefe’ means whatever we want it to mean ‘Covfefe’-It’s the Tweet Typo heard ’round the world. A late night Trump Tweet that was apparently meant to criticize media coverage turned into something completely different.Navigating the nuances of language evolution is…

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GOP Lawmaker Unmasked as Mastermind Behind Rape Glorifying Reddit Group

April 26, 2017

“Red Pill” pickup artist group A Haven for Sexual Predators Republican New Hampshire State House Representative Robert Fisher is many things. He’s the son of a preacher man, a successful businessman, a father of two, a husband… and apparently, the…

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FBI Director Throws Cold Water On Clinton ‘Reddit’ Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

September 28, 2016

According to FBI Director James Comey, the Bureau has concluded that a computer technician strongly believed to be Platte River Networks specialist Paul Combetta, was not involved in a seedy cover-up when he sought assistance via Reddit for a means…

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Crime, Law Enforcement, And The Age Of Social Media

January 28, 2016

Social Media And The Rule Of Law Ever run across that Facebook friend who you’re not quite sure how you know them? They may have had several mutual friends, or been playing a Facebook game you were, perhaps in a…

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Sexist Trolls Mock Little Boy’s Kitchen Playset, Here’s His Dad’s Incredible Response (IMAGES)

October 19, 2015

Screw gender stereotypes, this Dad made his son the most awesome kitchen playset ever. Now that we’re well into the 21st century, you’d think gender stereotypes were a thing of the past. Alas, this doting dad found out they’re still…

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This Photo Was NOT A Prank…So What On Earth Was Jeb Bush THINKING?

September 22, 2015

When Jeb Bush first appeared in this awesome Republicans for Sanders photo, both liberals and conservatives assumed he’d somehow gotten punked. After all, isn’t that the sort of thing you do when there’s a big GOP Leadership Conference and no cement pies are…

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Bernie Sanders Is Winning The Internet

June 3, 2015

Bernie Sanders, the avowed “socialist” (as in the Scandinavian style Democratic Socialists – you know, the people responsible for the happiest, healthiest, most successful countries on Earth) Independent Senator who has long caucused with the Democrats, is now running for…

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