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Ed Secretary DeVos Moves Quickly to Hand Schools Over To the Koch Brothers, Heritage Foundation

March 17, 2017

Apparently it isn’t enough for Betsy DeVos to destroy the education system in her home state of Michigan by paying politicians copious amounts of money to honor her nefarious wishes and pass bills establishing charter schools and voucher programs. Noooo,…

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NIGHTMARE: Gun Lobby Strong-Arms Courts To Make FULLY Automatic Machine Guns Easy To Buy

June 14, 2016

America’s Gun Nightmare Could Get Much Darker As America mourns the 49 innocent people murdered in Orlando, Sunday, by an AR-15 wielding man, the national discussion turns to our national nightmare that it’s so easy for someone with a history of…

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Deadly Ice Cream, Frightening Inaction Reported By FDA

May 7, 2015

Well, this is kind-of-sort-of an issue. Blue Bell Ice Cream, long a southern favorite, has apparently had a Listeria problem since 2013. Slightly more problematic: Blue Bell Ice Cream has apparently also had a problem not giving a good goddamn…

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Editorial Cartoon: Thom Tillis And Potty Training

February 6, 2015

Please use the buttons above to share the cartoon. Please note:  The ads within this article are how the artist earns a living from his work.  Sharing the link to this page helps the artist pay his bills.  Copying his…

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