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Steve King Wants You to Read This Horribly Racist Novel

March 17, 2017

Representative Steve King Is Flagrantly Racist Openly racist Iowa Rep. Steve King proudly posted his racism on Twitter and aired his rancid feelings during an even more horrible interview on a radio show. He also sang praises for a novel that celebrates…

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USA’s Worst Governor Tried To School John Lewis About Slavery – But Twitter Taught HIM A Lesson

January 17, 2017

With little to no moral or ethical ground to stand on anymore, Republicans have tried and tried and tried to insist that the Grand Old Party is really the champion of people of color because Lincoln freed the slaves with…

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GOP Lawmaker Called Civil Rights Hero John Lewis A ‘Racist Pig’ And Immediately Got DESTROYED

January 16, 2017

Republicans just can seem to get over the fact that beloved civil rights leader Rep.  John Lewis (D-GA.) dared to question President-elect Donald Trump’s legitimacy. And unbelievably, one has even gone as far as to call him a racist pig,…

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GOODBYE 1st Amendment, GOP Proposes Punishment For Live-Streaming, Photographing From House Floor

December 28, 2016

House Republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), apparently weren’t happy when Democratic lawmakers staged a 25-hour sit-in last June, in response to the deadly shootings that killed 50 people in an Orlando, Florida nightclub. The protest was an attempt…

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