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Republican Electoral College Revolt Begins As Georgia GOP Elector Goes #NeverTrump

August 3, 2016

Republican Baoky Vu May Withhold Electoral College Vote From Donald Trump As Donald Trump continues to run his campaign for…

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Military Families Demand Trump Apologize For ‘Anti-American’ Comments

August 1, 2016

Seventeen Gold Star Families Pen Letter Demanding Donald Trump Apologize To Khan Family The impact of the powerful speech given…

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REPORT: Voters With Highest Education Still Lean Heavily Toward THIS Party

July 28, 2016

Democrats And Hillary Clinton Continue To Dominate With Post-Graduate Degree Holders A new poll of over 23,000 registered voters shows…

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George W. Bush Part II: Trump Will Delegate All Domestic, Foreign Policy To VP

July 20, 2016

Trump Wants To Be The Puppet President For VP Mike Pence It has become painfully clear from multiple mistakes Republican…

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BUSTED: Desperate For Cash, Trump Campaign Violates Law Weeks AFTER Getting Caught First Time

July 17, 2016

Donald Trump Campaign Gets Caught Asking For Contributions From Foreign Nationals…Again! At the end of June, reports came out noting…

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Trump VP Mike Pence Took $100,000 From The Tobacco Industry—The Reason Why Is Disgusting

July 15, 2016

Donald Trump Picked A Yes Man Once Willing To Claim ‘Smoking Doesn’t Kill’ The worst kept secret in politics is…

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Trump Hit Conservative Home Run With VP Pick. Hillary Will Follow With A Progressive Strike Out.

July 14, 2016

Donald Trump Satisfies Cons With Mike Pence. Hillary Clinton Not Likely To Do The Same For Libs. We will have…

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NEW POLL: World Absolutely Despises Donald Trump — Who They Love Will Turn His Cheeto-Face Blood-Red

June 29, 2016

Polling Shows Republican Donald Trump Hated, Obama And Hillary Clinton Loved Republican presidential nominee and GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump loves…

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Donald Trump Said He Has One Of The Greatest Memories Ever — But Can’t Remember Saying It

June 23, 2016

Republican Donald Trump Can’t Remember Making Outlandish Claim About His Memory Republican Donald Trump has made a lot of unverified…

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5 Reasons Tom Cotton Being Trump’s Vice-President Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

June 23, 2016

Tea Party Senator Tom Cotton Doesn’t Know Much About Anything And Shows It Often Donald Trump has now stated Tea…

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