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Top Republicans raise strong doubts about Trump re-election

October 30, 2017

Trump’s prospects of seeking re-election look a little grim Ever since allegations of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia first arose, there were many efforts by both Republicans and conservative pundits (i.e. most of “Fox News”) to denounce the…

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RETREAT: Trump Closes Campaign Office In State He Bragged He’d Win (VIDEO)

August 13, 2016

Donald Trump and his Republican cronies were confident he could win the state of New Jersey, so on May 3, they opened a campaign office with a huge event that drew 1,000 supporters. Trump went out of his way to…

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Tea Party Gunning For Paul Ryan After Firebrand Is Removed From House Seat (VIDEO)

August 5, 2016

The Tea Party is out for blood after one of their favorites lost to a more mainstream candidate during Tuesday’s Republican primary. This is bad news for Paul Ryan, who may have a serious fight on his hands if he wants…

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LULZ: Ted Cruz Discovers That Delegates Pick VP At Contested Convention (VIDEO)

April 30, 2016

Donald Trump took ninety delegates in his big win in the Republican primary in New York, in that same race John Kasich won five delegates and Ted Cruz was completely shut out not winning a single delegate. The defeat in New…

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Want To Know How Bad Trump Supporters Are In Reality? Look At Virtual Reality

April 29, 2016

While the real-life Republican primary continues to soar to ever more absurd heights, it seems that Donald Trump supporters aren’t limiting themselves, or their offensive rhetoric, to our reality. Trump supporters have taken to the virtual reality world of Second…

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Bernie Sanders Lands YUGE Endorsement From Famed African-American Newspaper

April 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders Scores Huge Endorsement From America’s Oldest African-American Newspaper Ahead Of Pennsylvania Primary The Philadelphia Tribune — America’s oldest and most storied African-American newspaper — is feeling the Bern. On Saturday, the historic paper offered their official 2016 endorsement to…

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Ted Cruz Just Visited My City: Here Are 10 Questions They Never Would’ve Let Me Ask

April 15, 2016

Ted Cruz Visits Binghamton: Where The Hell Was My Invitation? n Friday, retired Zodiac Killer 2016 Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz visited Binghamton, New York — the city I reside in — for a closed Town Hall at the Forum Theater, where…

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You Will Hardly Believe These Vile Tweets By Trump’s ‘Ultimate Loyalist’ Advisor

April 7, 2016

He’s Been A Trump Advisor For Decades And His Words Will Disgust You It’s true Donald Trump says some crazy and truly hateful things, along with some stuff that is downright creepy. In that respect, he is the gift that…

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Why We Should Be Very Skeptical Of The Ted Cruz ‘Affairs’ Story

March 25, 2016

The 2016 presidential campaign has devolved into a tabloid story, so it should be no surprise that an actual tabloid is now ginning up headlines at the center of the race. The National Enquirer ‘reported,’ if you will, that “Pervy…

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Trump Didn’t Destroy The GOP, He’s Just Sweeping It Under The Rug

March 18, 2016

It would be entirely excusable for a casual follower of the news to come to the conclusion that there is literally nothing happening in the United States save for the bizarre ascendancy of Donald Fucking Trump. The man is — if…

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