The Most Disturbing Fact About Donald Trump: He’s Right (Kind Of)

November 28, 2016

The Class Struggle Vs. Trumpian Populism Reconciling the Marxist class struggle with Trumpian populism highlights the crucial difference between revolution and…

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REPORT: Alarming Jump In Armed ‘Militias’ Responding To Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Nonsense

October 24, 2016

Trump’s Final Legacy Could Be A Wave Of Domestic Terrorism Marching on Athens, an enormous Persian army told a small…

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President Obama To Candidate Trump: ‘Stop Whining’ (VIDEO)

October 18, 2016

President Obama Dismisses Trump’s Claims President Obama has some simple – but brutal – advice for candidate Donald Trump. Stop…

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Trump’s Pathetic ‘Voter Fraud’ Tantrum Is Just More Coded Racism From A Bigoted Candidate

October 18, 2016

Racism, Disguised As Voter Fraud Panic Donald Trump is losing – and is poised to lose “big league,” so of…

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Forget Fox News! Trump TV In Talks As Donald Prepares For A Loss In November

October 17, 2016

Trump TV: Just What The Deplorables Need A Trump TV network is more than just speculation now. CNBC reports that Donald…

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Fact Check: Did This NY Election Worker Get Paid $6.6 Million To Purge Voters?

April 22, 2016

Diane Haslett-Rudiano, the election worker whose error disallowed over 100,000 eligible voters from participating in New York’s primary election, sold a house…

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Timothy Bertrand is an author and journalist from Houston, Texas. He is the Associate Editor at Reverb Press and splits his time between covering breaking news and penning thoughtful literary essays.