The End of Rush Limbaugh? His Radio Syndicator is on the Brink of Bankruptcy

April 25, 2017

The presidency of Donald Trump is running an obstacle course of speed bumps and potholes. He has failed to achieve…

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Fox’s Tucker Carlson Promotes Strange ‘Shadow Government’ Conspiracy Theory In Trump Interview (VIDEO)

February 28, 2017

Shadow Government Conspiracy Theory Accepted By Fox…And The President Tucker Carlson, of Fox’s infamous Fox & Friends, unabashedly promoted a strange…

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Slimy Conservative Blogger Starts Hysterical Homophobic Conspiracy Against Gay Lawmaker

February 26, 2017

In the realm of talk radio and blogging, conservatives beat liberals by a long shot. This is because their target…

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WATCH Bill Maher Roast Trump As A Giant Con: ‘It’s Beyond Politics, It’s About Sanity

February 10, 2017

Speculation about the mental health of Donald Trump is becoming a trending topic. Of course, many people have noticed his…

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Whining Fox News Must’ve Forgotten How They Treated Obama On Day One – Here’s A Reminder (VIDEO)

January 21, 2017

Trump: Day Two It’s the second full day of Donald Trump’s presidency. So how about we take a walk down…

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WTF? Republicans Are Already Clamoring To Impeach Hillary Clinton

October 27, 2016

The Republican Party has just affirmed that they have given up on electing Donald Trump. There is no better sign…

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Trump TV Network? Here’s 7 Reasons It Will Be His Next HUGE Failure

October 17, 2016

The idea of launching a right-wing television network has been rattling around the Trump camp for months. Last June News…

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Rush Limbaugh’s Anti-Solar Power Post Takes Heat from the Scientifically Literate

October 3, 2016

Limbaugh fans hostile to commentator’s anti-solar Facebook post The conservative icon’s criticism of solar power betrays a profound scientific illiteracy.  n Wednesday,…

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Rush Limbaugh Likens Civil Rights Act To Legalizing Rape

May 16, 2016

The Party Of Lincoln Is Dead Someone, please check conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for lead poisoning, because he’s gone off…

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Republicans Will Be Really Pissed Off When They See What The FBI Found In Hillary’s Email

March 26, 2016

The Republican finger-arching, cackling dream was finally at hand. Former Hillary Clinton aide, Bryan Pagliano, who set up Clinton’s private…

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