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Goblin Queen Ann Coulter Gets Schooled by Airline After Full-Blown Drama Queen Meltdown

July 17, 2017

Ann Coulter, Goblin Queen Of The Alt-Right Forest, Is Scream-Crying On Social Media After Being Moved To Another Seat On…

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Trump’s America: Swamp Oozes All Over Tragic Story, Filling Comments With Vile Racist Hate

March 27, 2017

In Trump’s America, Racism Is Openly Embraced And Encouraged In Ways It Hasn’t Been In Decades There’s a popular contemporary…

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Right Wing Nut Job Paul Ryan Already Has OUTRAGEOUS Excuse For Not Working With Hillary Clinton

July 13, 2016

Paul Ryan Has No Sense Of Irony House Speaker Paul Ryan is in desperate need of a reality check. During…

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It’s High-Time We Gave Tea Partiers ‘Their’ America: Let’s Move Them To Alaska

November 9, 2015

Imagine an America with no regulations, no gun control, and a theocratic Christian government. An America with almost no taxes; a…

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Bill Rushbeck, The Ultimate Conservative, Goes Trick-Or-Treating (Satire)

October 31, 2015

Meet Bill Rushbeck, a hardcore right-wing conservative and a red-white-and-blue-blooded American patriot. Every so often, we here at Reverb Press…

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GOP Rep. Schock Resigns Due to Alleged Unethical Activities

March 19, 2015

Brace yourself for a flood of stories with the pun “Schocking” in their headlines: Representative Aaron Schock, the “first Millennial…

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