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School Superintendent To Trump’s ICE Agents: You’ll Take Kids ‘Over My Dead Body’ (VIDEO)

March 16, 2017

ICE Agents might feel a bit unwelcome here This school district has a message for Federal Immigration Agents (ICE): You’re not welcome here. Children whose parents are undocumented immigrants are worrying themselves sick over whether immigration agents will snatch them…

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Trump Ally Paladino Apologizes For Racist Comments, Then Calls President Obama A ‘Traitor’

December 28, 2016

Paladino Apologizes (Sort Of) After saying he wished that President Obama would die of mad cow disease, and that Michelle Obama should be “let loose on the outback of Zimbabwe,” Carl Paladino, the co-chair of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in…

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‘Our Revolution’ Begins Next Week: Bernie Sanders Keeps The Movement Alive

August 19, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders’ revolution is in full swing with the opening of The Sanders Institute — a consortium of educational and political organizations founded and organized by the Independent Senator from Vermont. You Say You Want A Revolution? Here It…

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GOP School Board Member: “Damn Asians” Are Costing NY Taxpayers

June 14, 2015

Carl Paladino of the Buffalo, NY School District uses a familiar tactic that the political right has all but mastered: he makes derogatory comments about people who aren’t white, but then swears he isn’t racist, he’s just being blunt, ‘telling…

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