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Jail For FBI Director? How Comey’s Partisan Actions May Be ILLEGAL – Even TREASON! (VIDEO)

October 30, 2016

Reid To Comey: Even The FBI Director Is Subject To The Rule Of Law Harry Reid has plenty to say to FBI director James Comey and his recent handling – or mishandling – of the Hillary Clinton email case. And…

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Bloodsucking Leech Cliven Bundy Suing Obama And Others Because Free Money

May 10, 2016

Cliven Bundy Is Suing Obama And More Because That’s The Kind Of Stuff He Does Cliven Bundy, the laughable spiritual head of the “American Taliban“, has his spurs in a knot once again. This time, the racist anti-Government, gun-toting Federal…

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GOP Scrambles To Distance Themselves From Trump’s Racism, But Can’t Ignore Their Roots

March 3, 2016

Republicans Shouldn’t Bother Trying To Distance Themselves From Hate Groups In the aftermath of the disastrous decision by David Duke — America’s best known white supremacist — to back Donald Trump, some desperate souls within the Republican Party have been trying…

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