Twitter Explodes After Dominican Newspaper Prints Photo Of Alec Baldwin Instead of Trump By Mistake

February 11, 2017

Prepare For War: Dominican Newspaper Prints Photo Of Alec Baldwin Instead of Trump lec Baldwin’s impression of President Donald Trump…

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SNL’s Brutal Takedown Of Trump’s Catastrophic International Phone Calls (VIDEO)

February 5, 2017

SNL nails Trump’s phone meltdowns lec Baldwin and Trump’s least favorite show, Saturday Night Live (SNL) delivered a hilarious portrayal of…

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Alec Baldwin’s Russian ‘MAGA’ Hat Will Probably Make Donald Trump’s Head Explode

January 7, 2017

Alec Baldwin skyrocketed to fame in part because of his great movie with Sean Connery, The Hunt For Red October,…

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A Woman Just Pummeled Donald Trump On Twitter And The Internet Is Going Apesh*t About It (TWEETS)

December 4, 2016

So once again, Donald Trump has a mad, and once again it’s all about Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation on Saturday…

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Fighting Irish Baldwins: Billy ‘Smacks’ The Deplorable Out Of Trump Bro Steven, Alec Wins SNL

October 28, 2016

Baldwin Twitter fight Ring the bell folks!! People all over this country are feeling the hurt from at least one…

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SNL Hysterically Skewers Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

March 6, 2016

Last night Saturday Night Live ran a sketch that revealed the truth about Donald Trump supporters. The sketch starts out…

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Larry David Wins The $5000 Bounty For Shouting ‘Trump’s A Racist’ On SNL (VIDEO)

November 8, 2015

Larry David hilariously trolls Trump during his opening monologue Ahead of Donald Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live!, Luke Montgomery,…

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This Old Navy Ad Is BEYOND Offensive (VIDEO)

November 8, 2015

Who came up with this Old Navy Ad? Police brutality and harassment are NOT funny. While we were busy grumbling about…

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There’s a $5,000 Bounty On Donald Trump’s SNL Performance Tonight

November 7, 2015

Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, doing what he was born to do: perform comedy and make an…

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Aww, Shucks! Ben Carson Won’t Host SNL

October 23, 2015

In an interview with Bloomberg Politics, Dr. Ben Carson said he won’t be hosting Saturday Night Live anytime soon, claiming the presidency…

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