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‘Syria’s Anne Frank’ Just Trolled Trump Following Horrific Chemical Attack, Shaming Us All (VIDEO)

April 4, 2017

New chemical attack by Syrian forces against citizens It was one of the deadliest chemical weapons attacks since the Syrian regime began killing protesters, sparking a civil war, six years ago. Tuesday morning, innocent Syrian civilians including women and children…

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Haunting Viral Image Of 5-Year-Old A Graphic Testimony To Horrors Of Syria (VIDEO)

August 18, 2016

The face of A generation born and raised in war The tragic images that resonates across borders. he world is aware of the terrible reality of Syria; the constant bombings that leave thousands of civilians injured and more dead, the constant destruction…

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US Faces A New Threat Growing In Syria, And It’s Not DAESH

January 27, 2016

An al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria is a growing threat, but biding its time. When it seemed that the United States had everything planned to eradicate its current biggest international threat, DAESH, a new report by the Institute for the Study…

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