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In Case You Still Care, Black Lives Still Matter

April 8, 2017

Have police killings of African-Americans slowed down? Over the last year, we’ve heard little about police officers killing black people. So did these bad cops go away, or somehow learn to behave? No, says Michael Harriot, writing for The Root.…

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WTF? White Cops Pepper Spray 84 Year Old Black Woman In Her Own House For CRAZY Reason (VIDEO)

September 2, 2016

Recent video footage released by Oklahoma police shows an elderly black woman being pepper-sprayed by an officer after law enforcement entered her house to look for her son. Did police really need to pepper spray this elderly woman? The footage…

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Cops Mercilessly Gun Down Scared, Sick Old Man In Shocking Bodycam Video

May 16, 2016

Bodycameras Film Police Killing Of 76-Year-Old Paranoid Schizophrenic uestions are being raised about the methods police in Burlington, VT, used to release a video that shows them killing mentally ill a 76-year-old man. Although police released a significant amount of…

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Caught On Video: Sandra Bland Cops Tase Unarmed, Law Abiding Black City Councilman (VIDEO)

October 12, 2015

More police brutality in Prairie View, Texas: Will this city councilman lawyer up? In the latest stunning case of police brutality in Texas, a Prairie View cop got caught on video tasing an unarmed young black man right in front of his own home. 26-year-old…

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Police Killings Of Native Americans Is Out Of Control

September 30, 2015

America’s Dark Little Secret: Native Americans are dying at the hands of police at higher rates than any other minority group in the country By K. Chandler Not only are Native Americans most likely to die at the hands of…

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Philly Cops Shown Savagely Beating An Unarmed Black Man As He Cries Out For His Grandma (VIDEO)

July 10, 2015

Q: How many Philly cops does it take to savagely beat and tase the crap out of an unarmed black man on a bicycle? A: 26, apparently. Back in April, 22-year-old Tyree Carroll told his family he was riding home…

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Cops Caught On Video Assaulting Teenager, Try To Delete The Footage…And Fail (VIDEO)

April 14, 2015

In January, Virginia Beach Police pulled 18-year-old Courtney Griffith over as she pulled into her driveway. Obviously, they had nothing better to do than follow the young mom home and harass her because the light over her license plate did not appear…

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Rookie Cop Goes All UFC On Elderly Texan (VIDEO)

December 15, 2014

WARNING: VIDEO FOOTAGE IS DISTURBING Victoria, Texas is the backdrop for this week’s latest installment of “Unnecessary Police Brutality”, and unlike previous high-profile abuses of power, this time practitioners of the right-wing media are not falling in lockstep behind the…

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