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Ten Fictional Movie Premises More Plausible Than Trickle Down Economics

April 26, 2017

Are We Really Going To Try Trickle Down Economics Again? Seriously? Einstein famously defined insanity as trying the same thing…

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11 Liberal Quotes From Donald Trump (VIDEO)

January 25, 2016

Liberal quotes? From Donald Trump? Liberals see Donald Trump as a racist and a fascist. Meanwhile, conservatives claim he’s a…

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Bernie Sanders Slams Walmart Over Profiting Off Of Poverty (VIDEO)

January 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders is taking on Walmart as part of his presidential campaign, in contrast to his opponent Hillary Clinton’s ties…

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Astonishing! Bernie Sanders Causes Donald Trump To Post A Nasty Tweet! (VIDEO)

December 27, 2015

Curses! Donald Trump is foiled again. This time by Sen. Bernie Sanders! Have you ever taken a look at Donald…

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Walking in a Ted Cruz Fantasy Land: Cruz Ad Makes You Go Hmm

December 21, 2015

“Walking in a Wonky Wonder Land”: Ted Cruz’s New Campaign Ad Makes You Go Hmm. Senator Ted Cruz is well known for…

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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Americans Are Talentless And Taxes Are Dumb

December 21, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook give his two cents on corporate tax policy. Apple CEO Tim Cook just gave the world…

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Here’s How It’s Done: Democrats Show GOP How Mature Adults Debate Politics (VIDEOS, TWEETS)

December 20, 2015

Twitter users impressed with third Democratic debate. Around 11:30 pm on Saturday, excitement was building over the third Democratic debate, as the #DemDebate hashtag…

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A Net Worth Of $10 Makes You Wealthier Than 25% Of Americans — Here’s Why

October 24, 2015

Over this past week, there have been various articles sporting headlines like “Credit Suisse Wealth Report: There Are More Poor…

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Donald Trump Attacks Bernie Sanders With LIES: Here’s Sanders’ Brilliant Response (VIDEO)

October 18, 2015

Donald Trump attacks Bernie Sanders “Communist” plans for tax policy and the economy…And then Sanders destroys him. “He’s gonna tax…

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