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We Estimated How Much Taxes Trump Has Dodged Over 40 Years And It’s Mind-Blowing

November 16, 2017

If there’s one thing that Donald Trump has been honest about — and really, it might be the only thing — it’s that he does his best to “pay as little tax as possible.” The Republican president has refused to…

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GOP’s Tax Plan Enriching the Rich is the Return of ‘Voodoo Economics’

November 9, 2017

Christian Weller, University of Massachusetts Boston Republicans in Congress recently released more details of their tax plan, which they say would boost economic growth and lower the burden on middle-income households. They hope to pass a bill into law by…

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No, Salon, There’s No ‘Liberal Case’ For Trump

May 2, 2016

Trump cannot be ‘the lesser of evils’ for liberal voters As the Democratic primary race grinds to a fairly predictable conclusion, one liberal writer at Salon who felt the Bern is now staring into an abyss. Salon’s modus operandi is…

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Watch Rand Paul Do What Today’s Republicans Do Best: Destroy Things For No Good Reason (VIDEO)

July 22, 2015

Poor Rand Paul: The enigmatic fake-Libertarian no longer feels the love now that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has taken center stage.  No wonder he decided to do something dramatic. In an act of desperation, Paul released a video on Tuesday that…

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Bernie Sanders Plans To Raise Taxes On Rich To 50 Percent (VIDEO)

June 13, 2015

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a tax plan that will enrage the wealthy while getting America back on the path to being a nation where everyone prospers. During an interview on Charlie Rose on Wednesday, Bernie Sanders unveiled a crucial…

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