Artist Sends Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Turtle Food

January 6, 2017

Artist Behind ‘Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer’ Meme Sends Mitch McConnell Turtle Food Rory Blank, the artist behind the…

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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Suspends Presidential Campaign (VIDEO)

May 3, 2016

Cruzing Past The Nomination  Ted Cruz witnesses reality and suspends his candidacy as the Republican nominee for president. Huffington Post reports Ted…

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Quiana Fulton is a political writer, and she has a bachelor in political science from American Military University. She's not jaded by polarization but absolutely has no time for people who refuse to partake in preserving and strengthening Democracy. She's a staunch liberal that is capable of being friends with conservatives and is always down for a good debate. She's a pro-life Dem (and yes, they exist).