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Civil Rights Legend Lewis Blasts Trump Transgender Ban: ‘I Fought Too Long’ to Allow This

July 27, 2017

Democratic Congressman John Lewis Tears Into Transgender Ban By Donald Trump The backlash against the very sudden ban on transgender soldiers in the military by Republican President Donald Trump has been swift, loud, and very widespread, to say the least.…

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City Raises Transgender Pride Flag In Show Of Support

May 2, 2016

Boston Raises Flag And It Stays Until Equality Is Reached In Massachusetts While other states are busy passing bills legalizing bigotry, Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston is making a symbolic but much-needed show of support with the transgender community.…

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NC Attorney General Candidate Runs Hateful ‘Keep Our State Straight’ Platform (VIDEO)

April 26, 2016

Republican AG Candidate in NC Wants To “Keep Our State Straight” The hateful rhetoric keeps pouring out of conservatives and Republicans in North Carolina regarding the states’ contentious new anti-LGBT law, HB2. As CBS New York reports, one of the…

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