EXPERTS: Normalizing Leaders Like Trump Blows Open Floodgates Of Fascism

December 20, 2016

‘The Problem…Was Not What Our Enemies Did, But What Our Friends Did’  Writer and filmmaker Shawn Hamilton provided a brilliant, yet…

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Swastika Drawn On Donald Trump Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star (VIDEO)

January 30, 2016

The Truth Is Ugly Sometimes — even on the walk of fame According to The Wrap, a Reddit user posted a…

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Quiana Fulton is a political writer, and she has a bachelor in political science from American Military University. She's not jaded by polarization but absolutely has no time for people who refuse to partake in preserving and strengthening Democracy. She's a staunch liberal that is capable of being friends with conservatives and is always down for a good debate. She's a pro-life Dem (and yes, they exist).