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Trump’s Newest Witch Hunt Claim — Google is Against Him! | Reverb TV

August 28, 2018

Another day, another distraction from the Trump Twitter account...

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Former Trump Aide Was ‘Haunted’ By President’s Tweets

February 9, 2018

Trump’s Tweets led to a scary situation with one Trump Aide One of the more amusing stories to come out in 2016 was that Donald Trump’s Twitter account had been confiscated by his staff the week of the election. Of…

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The History Channel Just Slammed Donald Trump And Now His Supporters Are Going Ballistic

December 21, 2016

History Is Already Writing The Narrative Of Trump’s Election In an unusual move for a nonpartisan, cable entertainment channel, History has rendered its verdict in the case of alleged foreign interference into the 2016 election. As part of their #ThisIsHistory2016…

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