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Trump Apparently Reverses DACA Stance, and His Vile, Racist Base is Going Ballistic (TWEETS)

September 14, 2017

Donald Trump Has Nice Words For DACA Recipients, His Base Lashes Out No one should have been surprised that some supporters of Republican Donald Trump were not the most tolerant of people different from themselves. Considering the way he started…

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15 Broken Campaign Promises That Are Already Giving Trump’s Deplorables Migraines

November 23, 2016

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump was in a frothing rage against what he insisted was making America a Hell hole. But for all the anxiety he caused, his post-election transformation may indicate it was all a ruse. The blustery ranting…

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In 2012, Trump Referred To ‘Crooked Hillary’ As ‘Terrific’ Hillary

May 13, 2016

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a Trump supporter say something along the lines of “he tells it like it is” or “he’s not afraid to say what he’s thinking”, I’d almost be rich enough to…

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