‘It’s Been a DISASTER!’, Regretful Trump Voter Tells CNN in Must Watch Video

April 24, 2017

Trump voter regrets voting for Trump after just 100 days The White House can try to boast about the unconditional support…

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Donald Trump Makes Stunningly Hypocritical Earth Day Tweet, Gets Clobbered for It

April 22, 2017

Donald Trump Makes (Another) Bad Twitter Decision Donald Trump made the incredibly bad decision to tweet about Earth Day. His…

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Trump’s Tweets Highlight His Own Desperation in Face of Failed First 100 Days

April 17, 2017

Trump’s First 100 Days ‘Poorest In Modern Era’ As the ever-important presidential benchmark of the first 100 days looms before…

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ACLU Blasts Trump After Latest Twitter Rant, Hilarity Ensues

April 16, 2017

The ACLU Has No Patience For Trump’s Latest Tantrum The ACLU has no time or patience for Donald Trump’s Twitter…

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Donnie Jr. Doesn’t Like the Press Telling the Truth about his Dad – Twitter Doesn’t Like His Shirt

April 15, 2017

Donald Trump, Jr. Tries And Fails Donald Trump Jr. has apparently inherited his father’s sense of humor…which is to say…

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Trump Crucified on Twitter for Pathetic Passover Missive (TWEETS)

April 10, 2017

Trump Tweets Out Passover Greeting Donald Trump sent out what would be, for most politicians, rather standard Passover wishes, via…

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After Panicked Trump Tweet, Twitter is Exploding Over Flynn Immunity Hypocrisy

March 31, 2017

Twitter Shows Trump No Mercy Donald Trump began his day as he so often does – sending out an incoherent…

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Donald Trump Loses It Over Flynn, Blames ‘Media & Dems’ in Incoherent Tweet

March 31, 2017

Donald Trump In Panic Mode Donald Trump is having a bad day. Or a bad week. A bad month? Scratch…

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President Tweets About Trumpcare Fail, Instantly Gets Roasted for It

March 25, 2017

Donald Tweets About Epic Trumpcare Fail Trumpcare died on Friday. And in the wake of the president’s complete failure to close…

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Donald Trump Throws Terrified Twitter Tantrum Ahead of Comey Testimony: Blame the Democrats!

March 20, 2017

Donald Trump ‘Fear Tweets’ Ahead of Comey Testimony Donald Trump’s latest stream of enraged tweets may be hiding a deeper,…

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