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Here’s How To Tell if Your Local TV Channel is Really Trump TV

April 6, 2018

The United States Has its own State TV Ever since Deadspin’s video compilation helped expose the fact that the Sinclair Broadcast Group was spreading conservative propaganda through local television stations, it has raised a lot of concerns regarding how far their reach is,…

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John Oliver Shreds ‘The Most Dangerous’ News Company ‘You Never Heard Of’ – But Probably Watch

April 4, 2018

John Oliver breaks down Sinclair’s pro-trump propaganda The Sinclair Broadcast Group is a telecommunications company that has been around since the 1970s, owning close to 200 television stations covering 40 percent of American households. Like Fox News, it operates under a conservative-bias…

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WATCH: White House Press Secretary Warned of Potential Federal Charges in Comey-Russia Scandal

September 19, 2017

The White House Press Secretary may be on trial herself Despite the chaos regarding the seemingly revolving door of the Trump Administration, the members of it have done a good job of maintaining a strong public relations image. That is…

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White House Goes After Black Reporter’s Job for Tying Trump to Racism

September 13, 2017

The White House Continues its War on the Media The recent Unite the Right Rally in August 2017 provided a perfect avenue for President Donald Trump to make up for his past racial mistakes. When we say mistakes, we are…

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Trump Launches Alternative Facts ‘Real News’ Show and Might Have Just Invented Lie Porn

August 1, 2017

Donald Trump Just Launched His Own Alternative Facts ‘News Network’ To Counteract Supposed ‘Fake News’ It’s not “President” Donald Trump’s aversion to honesty, or his self-inflicted gaffes, or his general incompetence that are ruining his presidency. No, it’s all the media’s…

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Breitbart Editor Admits Their Goal is the ‘full Destruction and Elimination’ of the Free Press

July 21, 2017

Breitbart Editor Calls For End Of Media Breitbart editor Matt Boyle, known as “Breitbart’s (other) man in the White House” made a blunt admission about what he sees as the possible future of the mainstream media. “The goal eventually is…

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Ex-FBI Agent has Dire New Warning about Russian Hackers

April 4, 2017

Former FBI Agent Says Russian Hackers Helping Donald Trump On Unsubstantiated Wiretapping Claim While the investigations into whether parties in Russia worked to help elect Donald Trump continue, one expert says Russian hackers are still at their posts assisting the…

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‘The Fix Is In,’ Trump Only Answering Questions From Right-Wing Media In Press Conferences

February 15, 2017

CNN’s Jim Acosta Rips Trump For Taking Only Conservative Media Questions For Three Straight Pressers There’s no doubt Donald Trump has had a contentious relationship with the mainstream media from the beginning of his presidency. Their crime in his eyes:…

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Kurt Eichenwald DESTROYS Main Stream Media For Being Terrified Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

December 31, 2016

Eichenwald On ‘Media In The Age Of Trump’ Kurt Eichenwald, Newsweek reporter, has no patience for any media-types who handle Donald Trump with kid gloves. When asked how reporters should deal with Trump’s so-called “mixed messaging” with his deeply suspicious charity during…

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EXPERTS: Normalizing Leaders Like Trump Blows Open Floodgates Of Fascism

December 20, 2016

‘The Problem…Was Not What Our Enemies Did, But What Our Friends Did’  Writer and filmmaker Shawn Hamilton provided a brilliant, yet chilling analysis about the dangers of “normalizing” the results of November’s election for The Huffington Post on Monday, with a…

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