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BREAKING: Top Alabama GOP Senator Turns on Trump: ‘I Couldn’t Vote for Roy Moore’

December 10, 2017

Some GOP politicians won’t fall in line behind Trump While President Trump is so intent on supporting an accused child…

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Anderson Cooper Chews Up, Spits Out Roy Moore’s Lackey Spokeswoman in Must-Watch Interview (VIDEO)

December 7, 2017

Anderson Cooper used facts to humiliate Roy Moore’s spokeswoman Conservative voters in Alabama have a seemingly tough choice on their…

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The Alabama Senate Race is a Horrifically Hot F**king Mess

December 4, 2017

The Alabama race is getting desperate as election day looms near Congressional elections rarely get the same coverage that their…

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Roy Moore Has A Theory About Why So Many Women Say He’s A Creepy Pervy Abuser – Guess Which Kind

November 30, 2017

Moore is getting desperate Roy Moore, the Republican running for the Alabama Special Election, has decided to adopt a typical…

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Guess Who Was Funding Sleazy Dirty Tricks to Sabotage Trump Critics and Help Roy Moore

November 28, 2017

Trump has a lot of sketchy support On Monday¬†we reported on an amusing, yet scary event: a right-wing group had…

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‘Fake News’ Sting to Help Roy Moore Backfires Spectacularly On Discredited Right Wing Scam Artists

November 27, 2017

Right-wingers just got caught trying to help Moore through fake news Discrediting a sociopolitical movement is the best way to…

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Complaint Filed Against Kellyanne Conway For Illegal Election Meddling – And There’s Video Proof

November 22, 2017

Conway may have infringed on election rules If there is one good thing that has come out of the Alabama…

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