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Trump Just Lamented That He Should Have Left American B-Ball Players to Rot In Chinese Jail

November 19, 2017

Trump wants Americans to be in jail for not praising his ego Back in early November, there was a story that went under a lot of people’s radars concerning three members of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) basketball…

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UNHINGED: Donald Trump Blames His Putin Problem On Clinton In Insane Twitter Rant

February 15, 2017

Donald Trump Is Losing It On Twitter Donald Trump has hit peak Donald Trump on Twitter. He is angry. He is incoherent. Trump is teetering on the border of sanity and he’s doing it all on social media for the…

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Trump Doubles Down On Bull In A China Shop Diplomacy In Post Taiwan SNAFU Twitter Tirade

December 4, 2016

Donald Trump Tweets China Outburst Donald Trump may be the first president to ever attempt to govern in 140 characters or less. The President Elect once again took time out of what should be an incredibly busy schedule to focus…

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