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CORRUPT AF: New Website Will Allow You To Track Trump White House Corruption In Real Time

December 9, 2016

Donald Trump Is Corrupt As Fuck! Do you struggle to remember the almost countless examples of Donald Trump’s corruption? Are you afraid that your most recent argument is now outdated as a new crooked cabinet member is designated or a fresh…

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Insiders Reveal Trump’s INSANELY CORRUPT Plan Not To Cut Business Ties After All

December 8, 2016

Trump True-Believers Have Been Hoodwinked…Again! Yeah, about that swamp draining. A week ahead of his anticipated press conference detailing how he would sever himself from his business interests, sources inside Trump Tower are hinting that yet another Donald Trump con…

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They Make Us Look Like A ‘Banana Republic’: State Department Lashes Out At Trump’s Kids

December 6, 2016

  Trump Kids Inspire Scathing Remarks From State Department Sources President-elect Donald Trump may not be paying much attention to the State Department, but they’re definitely keeping an eye on him. Chief among the concerns of American diplomats is the…

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Wall Street Journal Editors Warn Trump – Draining The Swamp Starts With YOU

November 21, 2016

WSJ To Trump: Sell It Off The Wall Street Journal, that conservative bastion of news media, is telling President Elect Donald Trump to liquidate his business holdings now. Holding onto assets that present such major conflicts of interest lie in direct conflict…

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