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Trump Administration Ridiculously Tries to Distance Themselves from Flynn – by Blaming Obama

December 1, 2017

when in doubt, Blame obama Michael Flynn, the former adviser to the Trump Campaign, as well as the first National Security Advisor for the Trump Administration, pleaded guilty to lying about communicating with the Russians during the 2016 general election.…

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Freudian Slip? Fox Host Deletes ‘Make RUSSIA Great Again’ Tweet

January 8, 2017

Hannity is back to being a republican hack With the official loss of Megyn Kelly, Fox News has begun to embrace its role as Trump’s personal media channel. While their slogan ironically maintains that they are “fair and balanced,” the…

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Trump Just Said He Doesn’t Know Putin. Here’s Video Of Him Saying He Does.

October 19, 2016

During the first part of the debate, Donald Trump adamantly and repeatedly said he didn’t know Vladimir Putin. He is not, Donald insists, Putin’s best friend. We know two things. First, Trump may not be Putin’s best friend, as he claimed…

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