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Trump is Trying to Claim He Fired CEO’s Who Clearly Quit and the Internet is Exploding with LOLs

August 16, 2017

After Reports Of CEOs Dumping Trump Emerge, He Claims He’s Disbanding Them To Avoid Embarrassment The widespread disgust over the response by Republican Donald Trump to the Charlottesville domestic terror attack has been deafening. And if the initial response wasn’t…

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Taunts Trump on Twitter, Urges Thin-Skinned ‘President’ to Resign

May 18, 2017

Vicente Fox Makes Fun Of Trump…Again Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, openly taunted President Trump over Twitter. Fox’s tweet came after Trump himself took to Twitter to complain about the current investigation into his ties with Russia, which…

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10 of the Best Twitter Responses to Trump’s Hypocritical ‘Find the Leakers’ Tweet

May 16, 2017

Trump Asked For It The latest (in a long, long, long string) of Donald Trump tweets may have many asking (yet again), “Is this guy trolling America?” One day after the Washington Post broke the massive story that Donald Trump willingly and…

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ACLU’s Response To Trump Tantrum Is Short, Sweet, And Devastating

February 10, 2017

ACLU Trolls Trump On Twitter The ACLU has definitely upped their Twitter game. And in the Age of Trump, where Twitter has become an acceptable medium in which to hold political discourse, their own social media chops are a welcome…

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